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Emerging from the desire to establish a new normal after the pandemic, regenerative travel sets a new, aspirational objective for ecotourism. Where sustainability is about limiting or slowing down degradation, regeneration is focussed on restoring and regenerating cultural identify, human wellbeing, natural systems and ultimately correcting the impacts of overtourism.

We use this ethos to ensure that your trip has a net-positive contribution to Africa's landscapes and people. As a traveller, the experiences gained from regenerative travel will allow you to forge deeper connections with the people and places you visit.


We are proud to offer carbon-neutral travel. By using sustainable enterprises - lodges, modes of travel and activities - we reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible before offsetting what is remaining to reach net-zero. 

We regularly audit the sustainability of our operations to evaluate their environmental impacts. We offset all our guests carbon emissions using organizations that assure transparency and quality in the creation, quantifications and verification of offset projects. 


We carefully scrutinize the impact that the lodges and operators we use have on regenerating landscapes, conserving biodiversity and supporting local communities. All the operators we use work closely with indigenous communities to incentivize sustainable management of rangelands, forests or fisheries and protection of wildlife, and to promote peace and security.


We pledge to connect you with properties and organizations who share your values, whilst completely offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your trip. In doing so, we ensure that your travel has minimal impact on the environment, and your experiences are rooted in community development and conservation that actively supports local efforts that enable people, nature, and culture to thrive. 

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