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Combining our intimate knowledge of Africa's hidden landscapes, their wildlife and people, with trusted partners who have pioneered alternative ways to explore these landscapes, we offer the opportunity for you to experience Africa at its most unspoiled. Blaze a new trail, experience new places and encounter new people by venturing forth on roads less travelled.


Below is a sample itinerary for inspiration.



As with all trips, we offset emissions and work closely to ensure that the enterprises we use have their intended regenerative impact. Taking a road less travelled often means stepping into landscapes that are managed for conservation by local communities. The organizations we work with therefore have particularly close connections to these communities, providing a direct source of income to community members and sponsoring community-led conservation activities. 


Explore some of the more unusual destinations, and less common ways of embarking on a safari that we can integrate into your trip.

Our Partners

When on safari with Africa Untamed, you gain access to our network of partners. We are fortunate to work with some incredible organizations who have pioneered ecotourism in Africa's more remote landscapes, and are at the forefront of community conservation and sustainable land management.

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