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Our travelers often request that their trips are tailored around a special interest. Whether you would like to learn more about Africa's diverse cultures, or are an avid bird-watcher, botanist, geologist, entomologist or archeologist, we can match you with a subject-matter expert and work with them to integrate these topics into your safari.


Below is a sample itinerary for inspiration



As with all trips, we offset emissions and work closely to ensure that the enterprises we use have their intended regenerative impact. When catering for those with special interests, we prioritize working with native African experts - who are often academics conducting research on the topic. This provides a supplemental source of income to these people, can contribute towards their research, and provides for a unique bi-directional learning experience.


Below are some different examples of how we can engage subject-matter experts to tailor your trip around specific interests.

Our Partners

When on safari with Africa Untamed, you gain access to our network of partners. We are fortunate to work with some incredible individuals who know more about Africa's fauna, flora and cultural origins than anyone else.

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