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2021-2030 has been declared a decade of “Ecological Restoration” by the United Nations. Whether you're passionate about wildlife health, re-wilding, or community conservation, or curious about efforts to prevent the next pandemic, our conservation safaris will immerse you in the work being done to restore Africa's majestic landscapes, and bring prosperity to her people.



As with all trips, we offset emissions and work closely to ensure that the enterprises we use have their intended regenerative impact. Conservation safaris have additional, more targeted impact, since your involvement provides direct financial support to a specific area of research and/or conservation activities. Depending on the activity, this could include directly supporting recovery of an endangered species such as rhino or pangolin, promoting innovative approaches to community conservation and addressing human-wildlife conflict, or even preventing the next pandemic. 


Below are some different examples of immersive and impactful experiences that we can integrate into your safari.

Our Partners

When on safari with Africa Untamed, you gain access to our incredible network of partners. We are fortunate to work with some leading conservation organizations of who are at the forefront of efforts to rewild landscapes, protect endangered species and ensure that these benefits are passed onto communities. 

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