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Just like you, once in a while we like to plan our own safaris that push us to explore new landscapes, encounter new wildlife and meet new people. Beginning in 2023, we would like to invite you to join us on these expeditions. Once every year we will assemble a unique, small-group expedition that traverses a series of African landscapes, drawing on and weaving together different aspects of African culture, ecology and geology. These spectacular adventures - odysseys as we are calling them - will be carefully curated to immerse us and our guests within a larger historical or contemporary African story.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details

Launching in 2023, our inaugural African Odyssey will celebrate Kenya's rich geographic, ecological and cultural diversity. Beginning in the ancient Swahili trading port of Lamu, we will sail south by dhow before continuing on foot and by car and camel across over 1500km of savannah, forest and mountains. The trip will take in some of Kenya's most impressive, culturally diverse and wildlife-rich landscapes, ending at what is considered the birthplace of man-kind on the shores of Lake Turkana ( the "Jade Sea"). 


Below is a rough itinerary, and more details will be posted soon - stay tuned, and please do not hesitate contact us if you are interested!

Launching in 2024, our inaugural African Odyssey will celebrate re-wilding efforts across the African continent. On this journey you will be immersed in ambitious projects to restore some of Africa's most ancient conservation landscapes back to their former glory. Joining wildlife veterinarians and conservationists, we will trace these efforts across the savannah, forest and mountains of Mozambique, Rwanda and the Republic of Congo. Expect thrilling wildlife encounters, to be actively involved in wildlife translocations and conservation efforts, and to meet the communities who benefit from the rehabilitation of these landscapes. 


This trip will take in some of Africa's most impressive, culturally diverse and wildlife-rich landscapes. 

  1. Sail by dhow from Lamu to Malindi

  2. Trek through Tsavo East and West. Stop to rest in the Chyulu hills

  3. Transit through the lush rainforest of the Abedares and stop-over in Laikipia

  4. Drive north to Samburu at the foot of the Mathews range

  5. Trek the Mathews range and Ndoto mountains on foot & accompanied by camels

  6. Drive to the shore of Lake Turkana

  7. Follow the lake north to reach Sibiloi – the cradle of mankind

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