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On all of our trips, we focus on providing you with an authentic and personalised service, where your safari is hand-crafted to align with your unique interests and values.

Special occasions

Whether you are celebrating an important birthday, anniversary, engagement or honeymoon, or simply want to travel with family or friends, we can tailor a trip to the needs of your group.

Roads less travelled

We have an intimate knowledge of Africa's hidden landscapes, their wildlife and people. Through a safari with us you can blaze a new trail, experience new places and encounter new people by venturing forth on roads less travelled.

Conservation safaris

2021-2030 has been declared a decade of “Ecological Restoration” by the United Nations. Whether you're passionate about wildlife health, re-wilding, or community conservation, or curious about efforts to prevent the next pandemic, our conservation safaris will immerse you in the work being done to restore Africa's majestic landscapes, and bring prosperity to her people.

Wellness journeys

Whether you would like a trip built around wellness or are simply seeking to maintain your healthy lifestyle and wellness routine when you are on safari, we can curate unique and authentic wellness experiences, that draw on Africa's traditions, culture and natural assets to proactively enhance wellbeing by opening your mind, reducing stress and addressing unhealthy habits.

Expeditions with specialists

Are you a passionate birder, hooked on big cats, or fascinated by human origins? Working with our network of specialists, you can spend as much time as possible searching for birds, mammals or plants, or retracing humanities steps out of Africa. 

Impact trips


Our impact trips are designed to bring donors or investors to the landscapes or seascapes where their investments are contributing towards climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation or sustainable development. Clients we aim to work with include academic and non-governmental organizations, and private corporations.


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